How to Store Everything You Need Using an iPhone Wallet Case

December 12, 2016

The e-Vibe iPhone Wallet Case is a revolutionary new product that will eliminate all of the headaches associated with staying organized. This product allows you to consolidate all of the items that would normally be kept in pants pockets such as keys, credit cards, loose change, dollar bills, cell phones, earphones, and any of your Bluetooth accessories. This device allows you store all of these items in one safe and secure belt case, which gives you a comfortable, stylish, and easy to access place to store personal belongings.

Open your iPhone Wallet Cases, and begin to play around with it. No doubt you will see certain compartments that you can use to store various things. All of the pockets are strategically engineered in order to hold common pocket items in one safe and secure location.

 Place your iPhone into the universal device pocket. You will see how your phone fits into the iPhone Wallet Case in a secure fashion, but also allows for easy access. The universal device pocket can hold not only an iPhone, but many other cellular phone models. While you want your phone secure, it should not be difficult to get it out

Next store your driver's license, credit cards, and shopping cards in the ID holder slot and card slots. To do this you simply unzip the case, and you will see these compartments on the inside. The case is very spacious, so make sure that you take advantage and don't waste any space.

Now store your change and bills in the iPhone Wallet Case. There is a currency pocket and a zippered coin pocket that is designed specifically for this purpose, so make sure that you use this space to its full potential.

Next put your accessories such as earphones or Bluetooth headsets into the outside quick access accessory pocket of your iPhone Wallet Case. These will hold any accessories or miscellaneous items that you need for your phone.

Use the 180 degree rotating belt clip to attach your case to your belt. This is a heavy duty clip, and will protect your valuables while providing you with easy access to them. Also, included is a convenient key clip you can use for quick key access.

Enjoy your iPhone Wallet Case! It makes shopping, making phone calls, and everything else a whole lot easier, because it stores everything in an organized manner. Now you have your phone, loose change, bills, credit cards, driver's license, Bluetooth accessories, and keys all in one location.


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