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April 24, 2017

The year was 2016. The month was September. It was the highly anticipated release of the next generation of the iPhone -- the iPhone 7 Plus. For owners of the iPhone 6, you will recall that only several seasons prior, the 4.7 inches screen and thin iPhone 6 was the craze for all the Apple lovers.

Perhaps you are still holding onto the iPhone 6 and waiting for this year's 10th-anniversary smartphone. Or you may hold on to it for a while. If that's the case, you want to protect the mobile device at all costs from scratches, dings, falls, crushes and cracks. If you think about it, the things you want to protect, you hold close to you - like family and friends. With all of the cases available for the iPhone 6, you can keep the phone safe and turn what is practically a necessity to have a pleasantly protected accessory to your everyday life.

Being Apple's thinnest iPhone to the present, and with a large Retina HD display screen, you want to take extra care of the device. That's why it's important that you find a protective case that can survive your day to day. There's no escaping the always accidental clumsy drop and slip from the finger?s grip or maybe the toss and throwing of it by a baby fascinated with mommy or daddy's shiny, metallic toy.

There are tons of iPhone 6 case designers that have manufactured the perfect case for your device and your life. While variety, creative designs and hundreds of case options are great for the purpose of demand, finding the right case that makes the large size and thinness of the phone easy to enjoy and protect can be an experience that has you swimming in a sea. Just like the ocean, the cases are grouped like schools of fish.

The Traveler

Let's say you are a traveler. You have a rigorous commute to work each day, you have the dog to walk, kids to pick up from basketball practice and Tae Kwon Doe. You have to fly into another time zone to visit your folks, and you have business trips lined up for the next several months. You globe-trot across the metropolis or surf through suburbia.

For the hustle, bustle, and flow of an on-the-go lifestyle, reviewers say that the Speck CandyShell Card case is the optimum choice. Its military-grade tough frame protects against bending and drops. Lining the interior of the case is a soft absorbing rubber. Even with its callous exterior, it is finished with a gloss that allows for easy slipping in and out of pockets.

Another great pick for travelers would be the OtterBox Commuter series. This case comes with several protective layers that serve as shock-absorbers and also a screen protector. The phone is thoroughly protected against scratches and bumps. The OtterBox Commuter case comes with a custom card holder. It can store three cards, and cash which will result, in some cases, you being able to leave your wallet at home. That way whether catching the commuter train, leaving your car or boarding a plane, you have not only a protected phone but one less item to travel with.

Perhaps, you biggest precaution isn't keeping the iPhone 6 protected while you're on our daily outings but rather while you're at the gym for an intense workout. Keeping your phone nearby while you're exercising is just as vital as having a spotter for a bench press for some people. The votes are in, and the Spigen's Neo Hybrid case is the popular pick for gym activity. The case has a trimmed bumper " metallic" and textured patterns made of a polyurethane plastic that makes a webbed design on the backplane. This thermoplastic polyurethane has many properties, but its residence to oils or sweet is great for a mile or two on the treadmill.

Also among the top cases for those who are active, is the OtterBox Defender series. The shell comes with the same three-layered protection as cases in other OtterBox series -- which include a cushioning foam, a blow resistant and silicone to take in any impact. With an attached clip, which is perfect for cycling or jogging, the case keeps dust and sweat from out of the ports. The TouchID is also fully functional with overlaying sensory film on the screen protector.

Fashion and Style

Perhaps metallic and polycarbonate cases although providers of sturdy, durable protection for the iPhone 6 aren't fitting enough for your taste and doesn't mesh visually with your style. Perhaps, a leather case would look better with your blue jeans or tweed jacket. The sophisticated Apple Leather Case will protect from inadvertent slipping and minor scratches. While it won't prevent damage from major impact, it certainly will provide a slim and trim fit for the phone.

For utility as a wallet, the Spigen Case Wallet S is a prime product to protect your phone. The case is made from synthetic leather and not only stores cash and cards, but it has a stand as well for taking pictures and watching movies.

For a truly elegant and luxurious accessory to secure your phone, the ADOPTED Leather Folio for iPhone 6 hallmarks their signature genuine pebble leather that is skillfully crafted by expert craftsman. The leather is merged with a frame engineered to be impact resistant. The Leather Folio has two card openings, soft lining, easy access to all ports and buttons, and is a slim fit that adds protection to your phone while augmenting style.

Needing Lots of Battery Life

Most people agree that having a cell phone, particularly a smartphone, is practically a necessity these days. If you find that you are on the phone quite often, you may benefit from having a battery case. This way you can maintain your phone's battery life throughout the day. The Trianium Atomic battery case is simple and efficient. It is not bulky, but yet it has what it takes to give your battery a full day's charge.

There are numerous options to choose from when purchasing a case for your iPhone 6. Some quality is sacrificed by many manufacturers. The type of case you want to look for depends greatly on the way you live. Your lifestyle and your needs should be the key factors to consider when browsing for a protective cover. Your iPhone 6 was a costly investment and to ensure that it survives wear and tear, bumps and drops, it's worth an additional investment to purchase a case for the phone

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