Silicone protector - Scratch Proofing Your Cell Phone

December 04, 2016

Silicone protector - Scratch Proofing Your Cell Phone

Protecting your cell phone can be a tricky business, but whether you want to make sure it outlasts normal wear or you want to shield it from your kid's sticky fingers, screen protectors are vital to increasing the life of your phone. These days you can find silicone protectors just about anywhere of all shapes, sizes and colors, which can make narrowing your options down to what is the best somewhat confusing. First and foremost you want to get what you pay for, so use the following as your guide to choosing the top-notch screen protector in today's market.

 When searching for a quality silicone protector, you should keep in mind the durability and type of screen protection you desire. There are so many companies selling different types of protection for your cell phones that it's hard to decide what to buy. So you should figure out what type of screen protector you need. One word of advice, stay away from cases and stick with an ultralight clear film that can cover your entire device. Cases will just wear out, attract dirt, and you end up with more scratches than you can see anyway. With clear film, there is no space between the phone and the protector, so you end up with more bang for your buck.

In selecting a screen protector that is most suitable for your phone, choose the ultra light clear film that can cover your whole cell phone. It is invisible, leaves no space between the device and the film, and effectively keeps dirt and scratches away. Stay away from thick cases because they attract dirt and will cause more abrasions to your phone. Cases also wear out and are bulky. So they do not make a good bet.

For the best results without having to buy numerous protectors, you should invest in a quality screen protector that offers a lifetime warranty. Believe me, there are numerous products out there that do an excellent job in eliminating the necessity of buying more screen protectors because it just wears out over time. If you go to your local department store to find a screen protector, you will likely find packs of 5, 10, and 20. What does this tell you? This tells you that these don't last very long so you have to keep buying their product! This is not the best decision.

While you can never keep your phone 100% damage free, investing in a silicon screen protector is a tremendous step to really taking care of your phone. You want a protector that will last a long time, envelope the whole phone without getting in the way, and do what you buy it for- to keep the value of your phone from plummeting every time you drop it. Since an ultralight clear film meets all of these requirements, it is clearly the best choice of screen protector out there.

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