Things to Consider While Buying Phone Wallet Cases

December 19, 2016

Things to Consider While Buying Phone Wallet Cases

Smartphones cost you quite a good amount. Naturally, you want to keep it secure and protected so that it lasts you for a long time, and to keep your phones safe while on the go you need phone covers or cases. Though there are various types of cases available, the one that is gaining more and more popularity are the phone wallet cases. Now, there are many types of wallet cases available in the market, so how do you find the best? Simple, just consider some points mentioned below, and you will end up buying something absolutely worthwhile.

1. Check the material

A silicone or soft-touch rubber case would be the best option to avoid shock, and to keep your credit cards in the case safely, make sure it has a fabric interior. If you are looking for something stylish you can opt for genuine leather that is available in various styles.

2. Give importance to the holster

The wallet case you select must offer a skintight fit so as to keep crud and sweat away. As far as the screen protection is concerned, opt for a beveled top edge, a minimum 1 mm high. To get the right measurement carry a pencil to the store. Now place your phone in the case, and keep the graphite tip of the pencil against the screen close to the beveled edge. The distance between the top part of the case and the screen should be of the size of the tip. If, however, you are making an online purchase, carefully read the given measurements, and look at the given images very carefully

3. Look for proper portholes

If a case has very narrow holes then plugging in your charger or headphones can be very difficult. So, just going by the look of the phone case is not enough, make sure you check the portholes carefully. You can even carry your add-ons to a store, fit them in your phone through the portholes of the case and see if it is easy to insert, and once inserted, check if they are secure

4. Observe the stitching

You need to give enough importance to the stitching as well. Nylon thread is better than cotton. Nylon is stronger and so it will bear a lot before breaking. It is even water resistant, so if your case gets wet, the thread will not rot like cotton one can. But how do you differentiate between the two? Nylon is synthetic, it will not look fibrous, but instead is shiny and sleek.

Considering the above-given points while looking for a phone wallet case will certainly make things easier for you, helping you buy something that will last you for a long time, and keep your phone completely protected and safe.

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