The Best Tips for Preventing Your Phone Case From Fading

After each new cell phone model is announced, a large number of people rush to the store to purchase it. With several generations and upgrades of smartphones, today’s phones are considerably thinner than they were in the past. That implies that, in comparison with previous thick devices, smartphones are no longer as robust or long-lasting. As a result, most users require phone protection via a phone case.

However, as I looked at numerous forums and blogs, many people have complained about the phone cover turning brown. If you’re also experiencing this problem, keep reading because I’ve gathered some useful advice.

Get Away from the Water and Sun

Putting your phone cover in the sun is not a good idea. The intense heat and light will harm your phone cover, particularly if it’s leather or silicone. In addition to that, you should keep your phone case away from water and damp locations such as garages and attics. Both your phone and its cover are more susceptible to decolouration in a warm room with a cool, dark environment.

The protection of the phone is reduced after it has been washed because some coverings are composed of plastic. The plastic smartphone cover, for example, will readily slide once wet. Because of its reduced friction, it may easily fall from your palms or roll away from the table.

Do Not Put in Pocket/Bag for a Long Time

One user reported that the colour of his iPhone 6 phone case faded. He had no idea why the phone cover turned the colour of his shirt and occurred many times. In my opinion, I recommend that users do not put their phones with cases in their pockets or bags for extended periods of time. Colour fade will occur as a result of frequent contact between the phone case and your hands.

On the other hand, the overall environment in the bag or pocket is not ideal for phones or phone cases. If you carry your phone in your pocket virtually all of the time, it might be a problem. There are so many things inside a bag, such as keys, books, and other hard items, that will scratch your phone case over time and eventually cause it to fade.

Use A High-Quality Phone Case

Many consumers have already started looking for the ideal iPhone 7 case in anticipation of Apple’s WWDC. It makes perfect sense to invest in a high-quality phone cover. You spent $650 on your iPhone, so it’s only natural and essential to give it the best protection possible. As a result, choosing a high-quality phone cover will save you time and aggravation.