The Most Effective Phone for Kids

I’ve tried to include a range of phones as a parent, from low-cost to new ones. Whatever you select, make sure it’s secure.

The Best Smartwatch for Kids Under 8 Years Old

Small children who require phones frequently need them as a result of complex caregiving arrangements in which they are passed between adults. A phone or tracker may also be beneficial if your kid likes to run and hide and gets lost on the playground. The GizmoWatch 2 from Verizon is a stylish, portable tracker and communication device.

The Verizon GizmoWatch 2 lets a youngster keep in touch with and trackable by up to 10 trusted contacts for communicating with parents. The Republic Wireless Relay is a screenless phone that’s ideal for connecting an individual parent and child, or children with small groups of closest friends or group activities.

Ages 9 to 13

Teens and tweens may need cell phones to transport about the city—and text their pals—as they get their first bits of independence. Yet tweens are still children, and it’s easy for them to make costly mistakes.

This is an excellent time to get your child a voice phone. Carriers are shutting down 2G and 3G networks, so you’ll need a smartphone that operates on your carrier’s 4G LTE network for the best coverage and voice quality. As I previously said, the $49.99 Nokia 225 4G is a wonderful first voice phone because it works best on T-Mobile-based networks. The $195 Sunbeam F1, which works best on Verizon-based networks, offers three distinct degrees of feature lockdown and is better constructed.

If you want to get started saving money on your monthly phone bill, this is a good place to start. The $159 Moto G Pure and the Samsung Galaxy A32 are both excellent choices for this bundle. The A32 has a list price of $279.99, which is far too high, but you may reduce that with trade-ins, new lines, or other discounts.

If you’re an iOS family, get an iPhone that is compatible with iOS 15. The iPhone SE is a good starting point at $399. For around $200, you can purchase a used iPhone 8. As I previously stated, we do not recommend any previous model. The Google Pixel 5a’s camera is good, but not exceptional.

Ages 14 to 17

Teens’ mobile needs are increasingly similar to those of grownups’, although, of course, they are still frequently irresponsible. Make sure to enable location tracking for your teen’s phone as soon as they set it up, whether it’s in your Google account, Samsung account, or iCloud account. That will come in handy if your kid’s phone is misplaced at a party or school function and they become frantic.

Teens will want better cameras and more gaming opportunities than younger children. The Pixel 5a is currently the most affordable Android phone with a flagship-level camera on the market, according to Google’s website. My daughter loves her Galaxy Note 8, which features a built-in stylus that can be used with art programs and allows for creative expression among my daughters.

If you want an iPhone, the iPhone SE or the iPhone 13 mini are your best bets for a reasonable price and water resistance.

The Best Parental Control Software That You Can Use

Parental control and monitoring systems come in a variety of forms, as do parenting styles. We’ve put the best hardware- and software-based solutions to the test to help you choose the best one for your family.

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